$50 Couple Set 7 In 1 Herbal Shampoo Conditioner Grandma Formula, Re Beauty Personal Care Hair Care /divisional3041122.html,Re,Couple,Set,Formula,,In,$50,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Conditioner,7,vorsoncattle.com,Grandma,Herbal,Shampoo,1 Couple Set 7 In 1 Herbal Formula Direct sale of manufacturer Conditioner Re Shampoo Grandma Couple Set 7 In 1 Herbal Formula Direct sale of manufacturer Conditioner Re Shampoo Grandma $50 Couple Set 7 In 1 Herbal Shampoo Conditioner Grandma Formula, Re Beauty Personal Care Hair Care /divisional3041122.html,Re,Couple,Set,Formula,,In,$50,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Conditioner,7,vorsoncattle.com,Grandma,Herbal,Shampoo,1

Couple Set 7 In 1 Herbal Formula Direct sale service of manufacturer Conditioner Re Shampoo Grandma

Couple Set 7 In 1 Herbal Shampoo Conditioner Grandma Formula, Re


Couple Set 7 In 1 Herbal Shampoo Conditioner Grandma Formula, Re

Product description

Butterfly pea: Helps reduce hair loss. Reduce gray hair and thinning hair, making hair black.
Bai Mee : Makes hair soft and smooth. reduce the occurrence of dandruff and reduce hair loss.
Bergamot: Helps reduce dandruff and reduce hair loss.
Kaempferia : Helps to make hair strong change white hair back to black reduce hair loss. Solve gray hair problems
Ginger: Helps reduce dandruff. Reduce hair loss, thin hair and accelerate hair to grow faster.
Ya Nang : Reduce the occurrence of gray hair. Nourish the hair to be black.
Wormwood: Helps reduce hair loss, thin hair. and reduce premature graying Makes me weightless.

- No SLS foaming powder
- no alcohol
- no silicone

How to use
1. Leave after shampoo for 5-30 minutes daily. will make the results that can be seen as soon as possible
2. Then apply conditioner as usual or can leave it like a shampoo.
3. Rinse with clean water.
4. Can rinse normally like a normal shampoo (results depend on the time of fermenting herbs on the head)
Size : 250ml/Box

Deprew Shampoo + Treatments Set Nourishes Hair Reduce Hair Loss Grow Hair Healthy Hair 300ml.

Hair loss has long been a problem for men. Because in addition to losing personality It also affects confidence as well. A simple solution is to use a shampoo to solve the problem of hair loss.
How good is it used?
-Use and accelerate hair. Contains ingredients from Anchan flower which makes my hair grow fast.
- Nourishes hair : Contains coconut oil. Help me stay healthy.
- Stop hair loss : Contains Cretin Deeply nourishes hair.
- Healthy hair : Contains Vitamin B5 to reduce dryness. Keeps me hydrated.
Set included :
- Shampoo size 300 ml.
- Treatment size 300 m
Free tracking number with Expedited Shipping by DHL Express .
Shipping Timeframe By DHL (5-7 Days).
Ship From Thailand.

Free tracking num

Couple Set 7 In 1 Herbal Shampoo Conditioner Grandma Formula, Re

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