Manual High quality new Household Fruit Juicer Pomegranate Juici Effective Juicer,Effective,Manual,Juicer,/divisional3041022.html,Fruit,Pomegranate,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,$42,Household,Juici $42 Manual Household Fruit Juicer Pomegranate Juicer Effective Juici Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Juicer,Effective,Manual,Juicer,/divisional3041022.html,Fruit,Pomegranate,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,$42,Household,Juici Manual High quality new Household Fruit Juicer Pomegranate Juici Effective $42 Manual Household Fruit Juicer Pomegranate Juicer Effective Juici Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Manual High Max 71% OFF quality new Household Fruit Juicer Pomegranate Juici Effective

Manual Household Fruit Juicer Pomegranate Juicer Effective Juici


Manual Household Fruit Juicer Pomegranate Juicer Effective Juici

Product description


For a fast and delicious meal, a cup of well-made juice is always a good choice, but it's not always easy to get the right juice. This manual home fruit Juicer retains the most original nutrients in the most original way. It is very suitable for all kinds of fruits and gives you the most delicious juice. It's easy to remove pulp and seeds, and it's perfect for restaurants, supermarkets, small grocery stores or people who like to squeeze juice every morning. It's a good choice for you.
1. Material: Iron, Stainless Steel
2. Color: The Main Body Is Black Metal Color Of Connecting Rod And Juicing Frame
3. Product Weight: 12.79lbs / 5.8kg
4. Overall Height: 15"
5. Crank Length :17"
6. Base Length: 8.3"
7. Base Width: 6.5"
8. 8.Juicing Frame Diameter: 3.3"
Package Includes:
1 x Manual Juicer
1 x In Hand

Manual Household Fruit Juicer Pomegranate Juicer Effective Juici

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