Yuqiang,Impact,-,Case,Anime,vorsoncattle.com,$36,Print,Genshin,Thro,Pillow,Characters,/divisional3040922.html,Home Kitchen , Bedding $36 Yuqiang Genshin - Impact Anime Characters Print Pillow Case Thro Home Kitchen Bedding $36 Yuqiang Genshin - Impact Anime Characters Print Pillow Case Thro Home Kitchen Bedding Yuqiang Genshin - Impact Anime Print Case Over item handling ☆ Pillow Thro Characters Yuqiang Genshin - Impact Anime Print Case Over item handling ☆ Pillow Thro Characters Yuqiang,Impact,-,Case,Anime,vorsoncattle.com,$36,Print,Genshin,Thro,Pillow,Characters,/divisional3040922.html,Home Kitchen , Bedding

Yuqiang Genshin - Impact Anime Print Case Over item handling ☆ Pillow Thro Outlet SALE Characters

Yuqiang Genshin - Impact Anime Characters Print Pillow Case Thro


Yuqiang Genshin - Impact Anime Characters Print Pillow Case Thro

Product description

Hello and welcome to the "Yuqiang" store. We'll provide you with your favorite animated pillowcase characters and brands. "Yuqiang" is an original product from a Dakimakura animation store. It's safe and reliable. It is manufactured and controlled according to Japanese market standards. Hence the print is vivid and the quality is very good. ❤Peach skin tricot: Peach microfiber fabric is a new type of thin-pile fabric with snagging resistance. The texture is soft. It is very glossy with no obvious scratches and dirt. High cost performance, recommended for beginners ❤2-way tricot: 80% ~ 85% for polyester fiber, 15% for spandex, with the advantage of durable elasticity, high precision and crease resistance, cool in summer and warm in winter, is the best material for the original anime Pillowcase. Please note that this material is easy to hook, so be sure to cut your nails before use and avoid contact with sharp objects. ?How to wash the pillowcase! 1. Remove the pillowcase. First, carefully remove the cover from the pillow. 2. Put them in the washing machine. Put your pillowcases in the washing machine with bleach-free soap. 3. Washer cold. Run the washing machine on delicates (hand wash) at the coldest temperature available. 4. Wring out the water. Pull out the excess water, being careful not to stretch the pillowcases. 5. Hang dry !! You want to avoid direct sunlight and places with high humidity. ✯How to maintain! 1. Wash them as needed. Don't wash them too often or they will start to fade. 2. Keep animals away from him. We all love pets, but they can also be harmful. 3. Trim (and file) your nails! This is normal and everyone should do it anyway. 4. Keep it off the floor. Your floor may appear clean, but it is still a factor in filling the pillow with dirt.

Yuqiang Genshin - Impact Anime Characters Print Pillow Case Thro

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