$37,for,M,vorsoncattle.com,Monster,Kids,,Trucks,Toys Games , Vehicles,1:18,Dinosaur,Car,with,Control,Remote,/divisional2545022.html Remote Control Dinosaur Car for Kids M Baltimore Mall 1:18 Monster with Trucks $37 Remote Control Dinosaur Car for Kids, 1:18 Monster Trucks with M Toys Games Vehicles $37,for,M,vorsoncattle.com,Monster,Kids,,Trucks,Toys Games , Vehicles,1:18,Dinosaur,Car,with,Control,Remote,/divisional2545022.html $37 Remote Control Dinosaur Car for Kids, 1:18 Monster Trucks with M Toys Games Vehicles Remote Control Dinosaur Car for Kids M Baltimore Mall 1:18 Monster with Trucks

Remote Control Dinosaur Car Special price for Kids M Baltimore Mall 1:18 Monster with Trucks

Remote Control Dinosaur Car for Kids, 1:18 Monster Trucks with M


Remote Control Dinosaur Car for Kids, 1:18 Monster Trucks with M

Product description


1:18 Monster Trucks for Kids Remote Control Dinosaur Car with Music and Lights 360°Rotation RC Car Toys for Boys Birthday Gift -

Material: ABS + electronic components
Body battery: rechargeable lithium battery
Life time: 30 minutes
Charging time: about 2 hours
Remote control mode: 2.4G remote control
Drive mode: four-wheel drive
Suitable age: 8 years old and above

Package Included:
1 X Remote Control Car
1 X Remote Control (Not Included)
1 X 3.7v Rechargeable Battery (Included)
1 X USB Charger Cable

Remote Control Dinosaur Car for Kids, 1:18 Monster Trucks with M

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