/bestatued3202812.html,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Bel,Leg,Electric,Correction,Device,X/O-Type,$56,LIZHE,Leg,Correction,vorsoncattle.com LIZHE Electric Leg Correction X O-Type quality assurance Device Bel LIZHE Electric Leg Correction X O-Type quality assurance Device Bel /bestatued3202812.html,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Bel,Leg,Electric,Correction,Device,X/O-Type,$56,LIZHE,Leg,Correction,vorsoncattle.com $56 LIZHE Electric Leg Correction Device,X/O-Type Leg Correction Bel Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $56 LIZHE Electric Leg Correction Device,X/O-Type Leg Correction Bel Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

LIZHE Electric Leg Correction X O-Type quality assurance Device Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ Bel

LIZHE Electric Leg Correction Device,X/O-Type Leg Correction Bel


LIZHE Electric Leg Correction Device,X/O-Type Leg Correction Bel

Product description

Color:Manual Control Type

Having long legs is no longer a dream!
This product has two types: basic type and pneumatic type. It corrects the leg shape in a purely physical way without worrying about any side effects
It has 3 adjustable bandage, with ham, knee, crus is fixed point, pass direct compression means, improve leg model gradually
The whole product is connected together, compared with other products on the market, the force is more uniform, not easy to appear the condition of poor blood circulation
Basic design light, air pressure design intelligence, everyone can choose according to their own needs
Only need to spend about 30 minutes of time every day, after a period of time can see the obvious effect, summer no longer worry about legs shape is not good!
1Product name: leg type correction belt
Gross weight: 857 g / 1005 g / 1279 g
Package size: 40*17*11cm
Applicable scenarios: family, beauty institutions
Purpose: correct leg shape
Application: O - leg, X - leg, bow leg, etc
Package Included:
1 * correction tape
1 * instruction
1 * correction tape
1 * instruction
1* manual controller
1 * correction tape
1 * instruction
1* electronic controller

LIZHE Electric Leg Correction Device,X/O-Type Leg Correction Bel

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