Light,Ceiling,/bestatued3041112.html,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Bluetooth,Speaker,and,Remote,LED,$31,Music,with,,15.75" $31 15.75" Music LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker and Remote Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Light,Ceiling,/bestatued3041112.html,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Bluetooth,Speaker,and,Remote,LED,$31,Music,with,,15.75" $31 15.75" Music LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker and Remote Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans 15.75" Music LED Ceiling Light with Speaker and Bluetooth Sales results No. 1 Remote 15.75" Music LED Ceiling Light with Speaker and Bluetooth Sales results No. 1 Remote


15.75" Music LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker and Remote


15.75" Music LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker and Remote

Product description

36W Music LED Ceiling Light With Bluetooth Speaker,3D Light Effect Ceiling Light
Color: White
material: plastic
Light source: SMD LED lamp beads
Lamp beads: 84
Power: 36W
Voltage: 110V
Lumens: 80lm/W
Color temperature: 3000-6000K
Light effect: three-color dimming
Bluetooth: Yes
Light source life: 17520 hours
Product size: D15.75inxH2.36in
Packing size: 46x12x46.5cm/18.11X4.72X18.31in
Net weight:0.7kg/1.54lb
Gross weight:1.2kg/2.65lb
Premium built-in speaker: LED flush mount music ceiling light has a premium built-in bluetooth speaker which is able to deliver high-quality music through lampshade, connecting bluetooth feature on the phone to intelligent ceiling light.Suitable for kids who prefer bedtime story or movie soundtrack.
Brightness adjustable: Music ceiling light can be adjusted by the remote control and can be adjusted to brightness.The light can be selected from cold light, warm light or cold white light with the remote control. Three-color lights provide you with more lighting options. Night lights can be dimmed to eye protection mode.
Fascinating light effect: Music ceiling light manifests specifal light effect through advanced led lampshade,casting sparkling radiance over your bedroom.
Premium quality amp; Long lifespan: Music ceiling light lampshade is durable enough to prevent.Not only operating without radiation and pollution but also saving energy!
Applicable scenarios: Led smart light speakers are easy to install and also the best choice for home bedrooms, hotel rooms, living rooms, dining rooms,living room bar, stairs and other interiors.
Package Contents:
1x ceiling light
1x manual
1x remote control 1x screw pack

15.75" Music LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker and Remote

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