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600 Silver Ultra-Cheap Deals Rajwada store Anklet Pajeb Payal Bells - # Meena with

600 Silver Rajwada Anklet / Pajeb / Payal with Meena Bells - #


600 Silver Rajwada Anklet / Pajeb / Payal with Meena Bells - #

Product description


  • For Gift – Silver Royal designs Anklets are for Bridal wear / Marriages / Haldi / Roka and other occasions.
  • For Style / Party Wear: Perfect for spring and summer and traditional Party wear. Compliments most outfits. Ethnic Significance: Also known as "Rajwada Payal" in India, brides wear it to draw attention to and decorate their feet. Anklet with Bells or chimes make a soft sound when the you walk.


  • Manufacturing: We sell only products and materials of the very highest quality. We aim to make every customer interaction a positive experience. Each Anklet or Payal is handmade and finishing done with Swiss Machines with high quality tampon printing process allows any colored designs directly on the anklets, for added customization and differentiation.
  • Purity: 55% - 60% Silver, Purity of Silver is guaranteed


  • Anklet Length: 10.0 inch
  • Pair Anklet Weight: 123.0- 124.0 grams

    600 Silver Rajwada Anklet / Pajeb / Payal with Meena Bells - #

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