GAOPANG Kick Scooter for Adults Teens Suspension System A Dual mart GAOPANG Kick Scooter for Adults Teens Suspension System A Dual mart $197 GAOPANG Kick Scooter for Adults Teens, Dual Suspension System, A Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Teens,,Scooter,Suspension,System,,$197,Kick,Adults,Dual,A,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,GAOPANG,,/bestatued2545112.html,for $197 GAOPANG Kick Scooter for Adults Teens, Dual Suspension System, A Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Teens,,Scooter,Suspension,System,,$197,Kick,Adults,Dual,A,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,GAOPANG,,/bestatued2545112.html,for

GAOPANG Kick Scooter for Adults Teens Suspension A surprise price is realized System A Dual mart

GAOPANG Kick Scooter for Adults Teens, Dual Suspension System, A


GAOPANG Kick Scooter for Adults Teens, Dual Suspension System, A

Product description


Product Description

feature of product:
-200MM large PU wheel
-Double suspension, stable riding
-Strong tripod for stable standing
-Heat-treated fracture to ensure speed control
-Mudguard, no need to worry about dust and stains
-Orange and black design highlights youth and vitality
-Adjustable handle with soft rubber comfortable handle
-Slip deck tripod can increase friction and safety
-Sturdy aluminum and steel structure, strong and durable
-5.5 kg weight is easy to store and carry.

·Product weight: 5.5 kg
·Maximum load: 100 kg
·Deck size: 58x16.5 cm
·Handlebar width: 30 cm
·Material: high-grade aluminum
· Tripod: Steel tripod installed
·Folded size: 95x28 cm

GAOPANG Kick Scooter for Adults Teens, Dual Suspension System, A

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