Serving,Bowl,$42,Porcelain,HGXC,Ceramic,Ric,,Large,/babuina3103668.html,600,Bowls,Salad,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Ml Serving,Bowl,$42,Porcelain,HGXC,Ceramic,Ric,,Large,/babuina3103668.html,600,Bowls,Salad,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Ml HGXC Salad Bowls Ceramic Serving Max 87% OFF Bowl Ml 600 Ric Large Porcelain $42 HGXC Salad Bowls Ceramic Serving Bowl Large 600 Ml Porcelain Ric Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $42 HGXC Salad Bowls Ceramic Serving Bowl Large 600 Ml Porcelain Ric Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining HGXC Salad Bowls Ceramic Serving Max 87% OFF Bowl Ml 600 Ric Large Porcelain

HGXC security Salad Bowls Ceramic Serving Max 87% OFF Bowl Ml 600 Ric Large Porcelain

HGXC Salad Bowls Ceramic Serving Bowl Large 600 Ml Porcelain Ric


HGXC Salad Bowls Ceramic Serving Bowl Large 600 Ml Porcelain Ric

Product description

★Salad Bowls Ceramic Serving Bowl

5.9" Salad Bowls
Size: 15*7.5cm; Weight: 400g

Package Content
Salad Bowls

★Concise and Exquisite Appearance, Hightlight Your Elegant Temperament.
Healthy and Durable Porcelain, Non-Toxic and Harmless, Longer Using Time.
Can Withstand Extremes of Low amp;High Temperature, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.
Wide Application, Perfect for Daily Use amp;Special Occasions amp;Festival Decoration.

HGXC Salad Bowls Ceramic Serving Bowl Large 600 Ml Porcelain Ric

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