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Pottery Max 51% OFF Barn 5x8 8x10 9x12 9x14 9x18 Max 64% OFF 9x20 Hand Blue Desa Border

Pottery Barn 5x8 8x10 9x12 9x14 9x18 9x20 Desa Border Blue Hand


Pottery Barn 5x8 8x10 9x12 9x14 9x18 9x20 Desa Border Blue Hand

Product description


A lacy horizontal motif seen on an antique carpet inspired our hand-tufted rug. It’s crafted of individually dyed wool yarns, carefully twisted and tufted together for a striated effect. RETURN Returns accepted within 14 days. Return will be accepted only in case of damaged or wrong product is delivered. Please contact us first to initiate any return/exchange process. We will not accept any returns without our authorization

Pottery Barn 5x8 8x10 9x12 9x14 9x18 9x20 Desa Border Blue Hand

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