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Sales Natural Bamboo Roller Blinds Roman 100% quality warranty Filtering Light

Natural Bamboo Roller Blinds,Light Filtering Roman Blinds,Blinds


Natural Bamboo Roller Blinds,Light Filtering Roman Blinds,Blinds

Product description


?This roller shutter is made of natural bamboo, which is natural, breathable, shadow and moisture-proof. The roller shutter door brings a unique style to your house and can filter out sunlight and ultraviolet rays under natural light.
?Decorative windows: stylish bamboo roller shutters suitable for all ordinary windows, translucent and opaque for privacy and sun protection, very suitable for living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, and can be used as blinds perfectly. It can also be used as room divider, background decoration, and can be used as a perfect door curtain.
?You can use a vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp cloth to maintain bamboo blinds.
?Adjustable blinds, with a side drawstring on the right side, which is convenient for continuous rolling up and downward adjustment.

Product Name: Bamboo Curtain
Product material: bamboo
Dimensions: width x height
Working principle: draw rope
Style: Pastoral
Type: awning/blinds/door curtain/retro decorative curtain
Installation method: indoor/outdoor/wall

?Outdoor installation:
Curtain width = window width + 15 cm
Curtain height = Curtain height + 15 cm
?Indoor installation:
Curtain width=window width-1cm
Curtain height = window height

1. Made of natural bamboo, the color and shape will be slightly different, and there will be traces of the production process, please understand.
2. Due to the shooting light, display screen and other factors, chromatic aberration will inevitably occur. Please refer to the actual product received.
3. Because the size is measured manually, there will be an error of about 1-2 cm.

Natural Bamboo Roller Blinds,Light Filtering Roman Blinds,Blinds

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