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Jlxl Egg Incubator Cheap bargain Automatic Humidity Raleigh Mall Turning Temperature Cont

Jlxl Egg Incubator Automatic Turning Temperature Humidity Cont


Jlxl Egg Incubator Automatic Turning Temperature Humidity Cont

Product description


Digital Automatic Egg Incubator for Hatching Eggs with Automatic Egg Turning/ Temperature amp; Humidity Control/ Led Display

Product Description:

1.Automatic egg turning(every 2 hours)

2. Digital temperature control.

3.LED display temperature/humidity/hatching dayslegg turning times.

4.Temperature alarm/humidity alarm (when going out setted range)

5.Large observation windows.

6.Easy to clean, simple to

7.Suitable for incubang all poultry : chick pses, quails, birds, pigeon,et

Package List:

1 x Incubator

1 x Power Cable

1 x User Manual


The Temperature For This Incubator It's In Celsius Not Fahrenheit Degree. Please Set The Temperature Up To 36 Celsius. When the ambient temperature is less than 25℃,it is better to take measures for heat preservation. It’s good for temperature uniformity when the device is enclosed with clothes or other warms, and it also helps energy-saving and reduces heat dissipation.

Jlxl Egg Incubator Automatic Turning Temperature Humidity Cont

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