About Us

What We Do .

Vorson procures the requisite animals (Cows, Buffaloes etc.) of specified weight from various Mandi (markets) from all over Pakistan via organized team of experts deputed at different cities & outskirts to make better access to comparative market. The procurement personnel makes Batches of 60 each Lots, which are then sent to Main Farm house, after having quality check over livestock, as per the its designed standards. Upon arrival at the main farm house in Karachi are dealt with in the following manner :

" Tagging of livestock with Lot number; Medical check-up for diseases etc.; Weight checkup; and then allowed to settle in Shades with requisite amount of Fodder (Wanda) & fresh water. This helps animal to regain its strengths. "

" Upon settling down of livestock, these are separated for Slaughter houses and those that need further fattening. Fattening animals are held back whereas the others are sent to the slaughterhouses for slaughtering purposes. "