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Max 64% OFF LyHomeAn Hair Cutting Tools Powerful R-Type Hairdressing Gorgeous T-Head

LyHomeAn Hair Cutting Tools T-Head R-Type Powerful Hairdressing


LyHomeAn Hair Cutting Tools T-Head R-Type Powerful Hairdressing

Product description


6. One key to accelerate explosive power.
7. Upgrade noise reduction technology. Quiet and comfortable, without awakening every dream.
8. Plúg and play, Plúg and play.
9. IPX6 can be washed with water and can be placed under the tap, but do not put it in water.

Material: ABS+PC
Voltage: 3.7V
Rated voltage: 100V-240V
Power: 5W
Battery capacity: 1200 mA
Charging time: about 1 hour (when the number no longer bounces, it is displayed as 99, which means it is fully charged)
Use time: about 2 hours
Noise: about 55 decibels
Product size: 142*25mm

Package content (will be packed in a box)
Hair clipper*1
Data line*1
Cleaning brush*1
Limit comb*4
Our products can be easily used by both beginners and professional hairdressers.

LyHomeAn Hair Cutting Tools T-Head R-Type Powerful Hairdressing

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