B2060 Popular popular Office Desktop File Tray Organizer Document Letter Holder Holder,Tray,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Office,vorsoncattle.com,$35,Letter,/Hyperotreti3116210.html,Document,Desktop,Organizer,File,B2060 Holder,Tray,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Office,vorsoncattle.com,$35,Letter,/Hyperotreti3116210.html,Document,Desktop,Organizer,File,B2060 B2060 Popular popular Office Desktop File Tray Organizer Document Letter Holder $35 B2060 Office Desktop File Tray Holder Document Letter Organizer Office Products Office School Supplies $35 B2060 Office Desktop File Tray Holder Document Letter Organizer Office Products Office School Supplies

B2060 Popular popular Cheap sale Office Desktop File Tray Organizer Document Letter Holder

B2060 Office Desktop File Tray Holder Document Letter Organizer


B2060 Office Desktop File Tray Holder Document Letter Organizer

Product description

B2060 file tray is constructed of durable plastic and metal brackets that stands up to daily wear and tear. It is ultra sturdy to prevent falling over and comes with 3 tier and labels to organize your desk files. 

Brand: Comix
Model: B2060
Color: grey, blue (optional)
Item size: 33.5 * 25.7 * 22.5cm / 13.18 * 10.11 * 8.85in (L * W * H)                    
Item weight: 687.5g / 24.25oz
Package size: 34.0 * 26.0 * 12.0cm / 13.38 * 10.23 * 4.72in (L * W * H)  
Package weight: 687.5g / 24.25oz

Package List:
1 * File tray

Note: Package list without user manual.

B2060 Office Desktop File Tray Holder Document Letter Organizer

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