$51 BONEW 180 Degree Floding 4.5" LCD Screen Root Canal Meter Locato Beauty Personal Care Oral Care BONEW 180 Degree Floding 4.5" LCD Root Screen Canal High material Meter Locato $51 BONEW 180 Degree Floding 4.5" LCD Screen Root Canal Meter Locato Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Canal,180,Floding,/Hyperotreti2545110.html,Meter,Locato,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,4.5",Screen,$51,Root,LCD,Degree,vorsoncattle.com,BONEW Canal,180,Floding,/Hyperotreti2545110.html,Meter,Locato,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,4.5",Screen,$51,Root,LCD,Degree,vorsoncattle.com,BONEW BONEW 180 Degree Floding 4.5" LCD Root Screen Canal High material Meter Locato

BONEW A surprise price is realized 180 Degree Floding 4.5

BONEW 180 Degree Floding 4.5" LCD Screen Root Canal Meter Locato


BONEW 180 Degree Floding 4.5" LCD Screen Root Canal Meter Locato

Product description

1. Voltage/Battary: 3.7V/800mAh
2. Charge: ~100-240V 50/60Hz
3. Test Voltage: below AC80mV
4. Test electric current: below 10uA
5. Measurement: 150*120*85mm
6. Gross Weight: 0.6KG

1. Main Unit : 1pcs
2. Measurement Cable :1pcs
3. File Clip: 2pcs.
4. Tester : 2pcs.
5. Lip Hook: 5pcs.
6. Label: 1pcs
7. Charger :1pcs

BONEW 180 Degree Floding 4.5" LCD Screen Root Canal Meter Locato

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