vorsoncattle.com,Lateral,/Hallowtide2940347.html,$193,Files,Cabinet,Drawer,Lock,2,fo,Cabinets,Narrow,File,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,with $193 Narrow Lateral File Cabinet with Lock,2 Drawer Files Cabinets fo Office Products Office Furniture Lighting vorsoncattle.com,Lateral,/Hallowtide2940347.html,$193,Files,Cabinet,Drawer,Lock,2,fo,Cabinets,Narrow,File,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,with Narrow Lateral File Cabinet with Topics on TV Lock fo Files Cabinets 2 Drawer Narrow Lateral File Cabinet with Topics on TV Lock fo Files Cabinets 2 Drawer $193 Narrow Lateral File Cabinet with Lock,2 Drawer Files Cabinets fo Office Products Office Furniture Lighting

Narrow Lateral File Cabinet with Topics on TV Lock fo Files Cabinets Washington Mall 2 Drawer

Narrow Lateral File Cabinet with Lock,2 Drawer Files Cabinets fo


Narrow Lateral File Cabinet with Lock,2 Drawer Files Cabinets fo

Product description

2-Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet with Lock for Home and Office

You may love your current desk but have nowhere to store your paperwork without cluttering the desktop, insert this locking file cabinet to keep the minimalistic appearance of your modern office desk. Organize your office space with this Lateral Filing Cabinet is a smart solution for any workplace whether used for heavy-duty daily filing or the casual user.

Color: Black


Product Dimension: 35.43"L x 17.72"W x 28.39"H

Packaging Size: 40.16"L x 23.23"W x11.42"H


Gross Weight: 91.5

Net Weight: 83.78

Material Type

Frame:Steel plate

Interior:Steel plate


Lock secure

The top drawer can be locked

Hanging File Bars

2 Bars per Drawer

File Size Accommodated: Letter/Legal size/A4/F4

Baffle Grooves:Yes

Structure:Anti-tilt / KD

Using Area:Home, office and any places you need

Warranty:1 year

Narrow Lateral File Cabinet with Lock,2 Drawer Files Cabinets fo

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