Ejoyous Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet Floor Standing Narrow Cu Manufacturer OFFicial shop Narrow,Standing,Small,Cabinet,,/Hallowtide2940247.html,Bathroom,Floor,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Ejoyous,Storage,vorsoncattle.com,Cu,$23 $23 Ejoyous Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet, Floor Standing Narrow Cu Home Kitchen Furniture Narrow,Standing,Small,Cabinet,,/Hallowtide2940247.html,Bathroom,Floor,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Ejoyous,Storage,vorsoncattle.com,Cu,$23 $23 Ejoyous Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet, Floor Standing Narrow Cu Home Kitchen Furniture Ejoyous Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet Floor Standing Narrow Cu Manufacturer OFFicial shop

Ejoyous Spasm price Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet Floor Standing Narrow Cu Manufacturer OFFicial shop

Ejoyous Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet, Floor Standing Narrow Cu


Ejoyous Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet, Floor Standing Narrow Cu

Product description

Ejoyous modern white storage cabinet adds a clean-looking accent to your bathroom, and its vertical design maximizes your storage space without taking up too much floor space. Designed for bathrooms and laundry rooms or anywhere you need extra storage.


A stylish white bathroom cabinet, made of high quality wood, moisture-proof, durable.
Base drawer is ideal for laundry detergent, shampoo, and other toilet products.
The middle part has the large capacity to store towels, toiletries, cosmetics and so on.
The top edge is smooth and round designed to avoid unnecessary injury by accident.
The pull-out main drawer offers a section that's large enough for your toilet rolls and keep them dry.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Wood-Plastic Board
Color: White
Product Size: Approx. 80 * 15.5 * 15cm / 31.5 * 6.1 * 5.9inch
Package Weight: Approx. 2.3kg

Package Included:

1 X Bathroom Corner Storage Cabinet

Ejoyous Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet, Floor Standing Narrow Cu

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