TXXM,Artifact,vorsoncattle.com,Bathing,Rubbin,Bathing,Brush,$23,/Hallowtide2545047.html,Bath,Brush,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,Bath,Brush $23 TXXM Bath Brush Bathing Artifact Bathing Brush Bath Brush Rubbin Beauty Personal Care Personal Care TXXM,Artifact,vorsoncattle.com,Bathing,Rubbin,Bathing,Brush,$23,/Hallowtide2545047.html,Bath,Brush,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,Bath,Brush Indianapolis Mall TXXM Bath Brush Bathing Rubbin Artifact Indianapolis Mall TXXM Bath Brush Bathing Rubbin Artifact $23 TXXM Bath Brush Bathing Artifact Bathing Brush Bath Brush Rubbin Beauty Personal Care Personal Care

Max 65% OFF Indianapolis Mall TXXM Bath Brush Bathing Rubbin Artifact

TXXM Bath Brush Bathing Artifact Bathing Brush Bath Brush Rubbin


TXXM Bath Brush Bathing Artifact Bathing Brush Bath Brush Rubbin

Product description

Brand: TXXM
★ Name: Bath Brush
★ Size: 36*8cm
★Material: plastic
★ suitable for the crowd: adults
★ Features: detachable handle design, handle anti-slip, easy to clean, soft and comfortable, hanging hole design, easy to foam
★Function: Improve skin condition, exfoliate naturally, remove oil, dirt and residue in pores, increase blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic system
★ Use: Can be used as bath brush, back wash, home SPA

★ Tip: Due to the different display resolutions, there will be nuances, I hope to understand!

★ The size of the manual measurement, the error is about 1 cm -3 cm is normal, I hope to understand!

★ If you have any questions, please feel free to contact customer service!

TXXM Bath Brush Bathing Artifact Bathing Brush Bath Brush Rubbin

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