WPYYI Makeup Mirror with Storage Alloy Round Tray Exquisite Popular popular $104 WPYYI Makeup Mirror with Storage Tray, Alloy, Round, Exquisite, Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories WPYYI Makeup Mirror with Storage Alloy Round Tray Exquisite Popular popular Mirror,Storage,$104,Alloy,,with,Makeup,vorsoncattle.com,Exquisite,,Round,,/Cristopher3116477.html,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,WPYYI,Tray, $104 WPYYI Makeup Mirror with Storage Tray, Alloy, Round, Exquisite, Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Mirror,Storage,$104,Alloy,,with,Makeup,vorsoncattle.com,Exquisite,,Round,,/Cristopher3116477.html,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,WPYYI,Tray,

WPYYI Makeup Las Vegas Mall Mirror with Storage Alloy Round Tray Exquisite Popular popular

WPYYI Makeup Mirror with Storage Tray, Alloy, Round, Exquisite,


WPYYI Makeup Mirror with Storage Tray, Alloy, Round, Exquisite,

Product description

This makeup mirror decorative mirror is made of metal and mirror, high-definition mirror, clear image, good gloss.
It combines the aesthetic and the practicality together.
This makeup mirror table mirror is made of rustproof and corrosion resistant metal. It will not easily deform or fade. It can be wiped directly with a damp cloth or paper towel.
This desk mirror beauty mirror is not only a makeup mirror, but also a perfect storage shelf. Includes a storage basket, to hold rings and to store those go-to beauty tools.
This gold vanity mirror stands out with its nordic and old-style look , adding a touch of glamour to your home and dresser with a makeup mirror.
Product Description:
High-quality materials: The metal material has large carrying capacity, good stability and high safety.
High Definition: It can effectively prevent condensation and reduce fog from appearing in the mirror and improve resolution.
Compact Design: The small footprint of this storage mirror easily fits onto small or crowded bathroom vanities and countertops where space is limited.
Ideal Gift For Anyone On Your List: Ideal for personal use, shop display, and also an ideal gift for birthday, Valentine's day, etc.
NOTE: Rinse with a wet towel or water when cleaning. Never wipe with a wire brush.
Product Name: Makeup Mirror with Storage Tray
Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Alloy + Mirror
Color: Rose Gold
Size: 15 *8.5 * 21.5 cm
Weight: 510g
Style: Exquisite and Modern.
Quantity: 1 Pc

WPYYI Makeup Mirror with Storage Tray, Alloy, Round, Exquisite,

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