Shelving,C,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Storage,Unit,Mobile,Cart,,,with,Rolling,Handle,,/Cristopher3106477.html,$69,3-Tier $69 Storage Cart, 3-Tier Mobile Shelving Unit with Handle, Rolling C Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Super special price Storage Cart 3-Tier Mobile Shelving Unit C Handle Rolling with Shelving,C,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Storage,Unit,Mobile,Cart,,,with,Rolling,Handle,,/Cristopher3106477.html,$69,3-Tier $69 Storage Cart, 3-Tier Mobile Shelving Unit with Handle, Rolling C Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Super special price Storage Cart 3-Tier Mobile Shelving Unit C Handle Rolling with

Super special price Storage In stock Cart 3-Tier Mobile Shelving Unit C Handle Rolling with

Storage Cart, 3-Tier Mobile Shelving Unit with Handle, Rolling C


Storage Cart, 3-Tier Mobile Shelving Unit with Handle, Rolling C

Product description

3 Tier Rolling Storage Cart Heavy Duty Mobile Rolling Utility Cart with Handles and Wheels

Special Color Design
Design with black/White color, the trolley gives your room a beautiful look.

Convenient Handle
Higher ergonomic handle further increases comfort, as you don't even have to bend over. Made conveniently use for you. If you do not like the handle, you can remove it. It is detachable.

Mesh Basket amp; Large Capacity
Beautifully designed to prevent water from accumulating at the bottom.
Comes with 3 tier basket; each layer can carry 44 pounds.

Easy to Move and Stop
2 of the industrial universal direction wheels are lockable, easy to move the cart to every position and stop the cart into place.

Product Specifications:
Product Color: Black
Material: Metal steel frame, Plastic baskets, PVC wheels
Overall Dimensions: 16.5 in L x 13.7 in W x 34.2 in H (42 cm L x 35 cm W x 87 cm H)
Basket: 15.55 in L x 11.6 in W x 2.95 in D (39.5 cm L x 29.5 cm W x 7.5 cm D)
Net Weight: 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)
Loading Capacity:132 lbs (60 kg)

Storage Cart, 3-Tier Mobile Shelving Unit with Handle, Rolling C

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