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GXT Wig Short Hair Gray Straig Middle-Aged dad Great Portland Mall interest Fashion

GXT Wig Short Hair Gray Wig Fashion Middle-Aged dad Short Straig


GXT Wig Short Hair Gray Wig Fashion Middle-Aged dad Short Straig

Product description

Product Name: Wig
Hair quality: brand new
Hair color: as shown
Hair material: synthetic hair high temperature resistant fiber matte high temperature wire
Features: heat resistance
Texture: like a picture
Upper limit size: average
Production method: machine manufacturing
Hair quality: brand new
Upper limit size: average
Production method: machine manufacturing
Wig size: adjustable in size, no stitching or tape required. It should be suitable for most people. All you have to do is adjust the hooks on the hat to the right size to fit your head.
Features: light and comfortable
Efficacy: change hair style, increase hair volume, cover white hair
Applicable people: men

Wearing it will be even more fascinating. It can be used for parties or everyday;

You will be surprised by the quality. Put it on, it can give you more confidence, more charm!

This wig is made of 100% heat-resistant synthetic fiber. Our wigs are made of high quality synthetic fibres, each handcrafted and guaranteed by skilled workers. The wig has an adjustable mesh cap for small or large heads. These styles are wavy, curly or straight, and the style and color of these hairstyles will bounce even after washing.

Wigs do not need to be cleaned frequently. If you wear them every day, you can wash them every 1-2 months. If you don't wear it often, you can clean it every six months.

★ Tip: Due to the different display resolutions, there will be nuances, I hope to understand!

★ Manual size measurement, error 2 cm -3 cm is normal, I hope to understand!

★ If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact customer service!
Can be worn all year round

GXT Wig Short Hair Gray Wig Fashion Middle-Aged dad Short Straig

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