Water Flossers for Teeth Portable 160ml Dental Free shipping anywhere in the nation Irragator Oral Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,/Chrysobalanus3202573.html,Dental,vorsoncattle.com,Oral,$24,Water,160ml,Portable,Irragator,,for,Teeth,,Flossers $24 Water Flossers for Teeth, Portable 160ml Oral Dental Irragator, Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,/Chrysobalanus3202573.html,Dental,vorsoncattle.com,Oral,$24,Water,160ml,Portable,Irragator,,for,Teeth,,Flossers $24 Water Flossers for Teeth, Portable 160ml Oral Dental Irragator, Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Water Flossers for Teeth Portable 160ml Dental Free shipping anywhere in the nation Irragator Oral

Water Flossers Rare for Teeth Portable 160ml Dental Free shipping anywhere in the nation Irragator Oral

Water Flossers for Teeth, Portable 160ml Oral Dental Irragator,


Water Flossers for Teeth, Portable 160ml Oral Dental Irragator,

Product description

Smart compactable deisgn.

360degree rotatable nozzle head.

Charging time: 4 hours.

Water tank telescopic removable design,easy to clean.

Detachable nozzle head can be stored inside the case to prevent dust.

Certificate: CE/FCC/ROHS

Water Flossers for Teeth, Portable 160ml Oral Dental Irragator,

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