ZLSP Folding Chairs Camping Super special price Wood Solid Stoo Chair ZLSP Folding Chairs Camping Super special price Wood Solid Stoo Chair $144 ZLSP Folding Chairs Camping Chairs Solid Wood Folding Chair/Stoo Home Kitchen Furniture Folding,Chair/Stoo,Folding,ZLSP,vorsoncattle.com,$144,Camping,Solid,Wood,Chairs,/Chrysobalanus3106773.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Chairs Folding,Chair/Stoo,Folding,ZLSP,vorsoncattle.com,$144,Camping,Solid,Wood,Chairs,/Chrysobalanus3106773.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Chairs $144 ZLSP Folding Chairs Camping Chairs Solid Wood Folding Chair/Stoo Home Kitchen Furniture

Directly managed store ZLSP Folding Chairs Camping Super special price Wood Solid Stoo Chair

ZLSP Folding Chairs Camping Chairs Solid Wood Folding Chair/Stoo


ZLSP Folding Chairs Camping Chairs Solid Wood Folding Chair/Stoo

Product description


Welcome to our store, I hope you have a pleasant shopping experience.
Welcome to buy!
beech wood frame can be folded to save comfortable space
Whether assembled or not
Style positioning: economical style
Color classification: Figure 2
Material: cloth
Finishing craft: others / others
Backrest height: 125mm and below
Whether rotatable: no
Style: simply modern
Additional features: Wrinkles
Material: wood
Whether it can be customized: no
Applicable to: Adults
- Lightweight and portable design for easy carrying
- Foldable and compact design for easy to store
- Strong solid wood frame design
- Durable seat and backrest
We will ship in the next 24-36 hours, delivery time is 7-15 days. The specified return time is a range of 25 days.
Please note the following:
Due to the difference in light and shooting angle, the color may be a little different from the product. Please focus on the product color.
Manual measurement with an allowable error of ±2 cm.
We are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. We will provide high quality Items, and ensure customer satisfaction.

ZLSP Folding Chairs Camping Chairs Solid Wood Folding Chair/Stoo

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