WSZMD,Garden,$77,/Astrophyton3116160.html,Hose,,Hose,Hose,Garden,Car,for,Flexible,Expanda,Wash,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care WSZMD Garden Hose Flexible for Challenge the lowest price of Japan Car Wash Expanda $77 WSZMD Garden Hose Garden Hose Flexible Hose for Car Wash Expanda Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care WSZMD,Garden,$77,/Astrophyton3116160.html,Hose,,Hose,Hose,Garden,Car,for,Flexible,Expanda,Wash,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care $77 WSZMD Garden Hose Garden Hose Flexible Hose for Car Wash Expanda Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care WSZMD Garden Hose Flexible for Challenge the lowest price of Japan Car Wash Expanda

WSZMD Garden Hose specialty shop Flexible for Challenge the lowest price of Japan Car Wash Expanda

WSZMD Garden Hose Garden Hose Flexible Hose for Car Wash Expanda


WSZMD Garden Hose Garden Hose Flexible Hose for Car Wash Expanda

Product description

EXPANDING HOSE | FLEXIBLE HOSE – This flex hose is easy to use due to the inner rubber flexi hose pipe. The durable hose latex hose pipe is made of highest grade rubber hose tube material and covered with a textile fabric so no kink forms when in use or stored. This compact and retractable collapsible hose comes with well made strong brass fittings for rust free performance and is easy to join to a garden hose faucet or hose nozzle sprayer or held on a hose holder or hose box or a pail.

✅GARDENING AND HEALTH GUIDES - Looking to improve your gardening and health? We have just the guides that you need. If you have registered with us, we will send you periodic easy to read material to guide you to make the most of your garden hoses, expanding your home garden activities and help you enjoy your healthy living and strengthen your immunity.
Item:Retractable water hose and water gun kit
17FT-5M Extended : Unused 6ft( 1.7m ), Fully stretched 17ft ( 5 meters)
25FT-7.5M Extended : Unused 8ft( 2.5m ), Fully stretched 25ft ( 7.5 meters)
33FT-10M Extended : Unused 11ft( 3.3m ), Fully stretched 33ft ( 10 meters)
50FT-15M Extended : Unused 16ft( 5m ), Fully stretched 50ft ( 15 meters)
75FT-22M Extended : Unused 25ft( 7.5m ), Fully stretched 75ft ( 22.5 meters)
100FT-30M Extended : Normally 33ft( 10m ), Fully stretched 75ft ( 30 meters)

· As our product has extend ability, it's just more convenient when it comes to storing your hose than those normal ones.
·Tap water will be pressurized through the hose making the water flow faster stronger compare to normal hose.
·Multi-purpose water gun making the cleaning easier than ever!

Important Note:
1.Please carefully check the length of the hose you want to buy. All the length marked on the selection is the length after the hose is fully extened
2.Please check carefully your water tape pressure. Normally ho

WSZMD Garden Hose Garden Hose Flexible Hose for Car Wash Expanda

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