$70 Bundles for Tape in Hair Extensions Natural Black Human Hair Tap Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Natural,Tape,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Extensions,Human,Tap,Black,Bundles,in,for,Hair,vorsoncattle.com,$70,/Astrophyton3106860.html,Hair Bundles for Tape in Hair Human Tap Popular product Black Extensions Natural $70 Bundles for Tape in Hair Extensions Natural Black Human Hair Tap Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Natural,Tape,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Extensions,Human,Tap,Black,Bundles,in,for,Hair,vorsoncattle.com,$70,/Astrophyton3106860.html,Hair Bundles for Tape in Hair Human Tap Popular product Black Extensions Natural

Bundles for Tape in Hair Human Tap Popular product Black Extensions Store Natural

Bundles for Tape in Hair Extensions Natural Black Human Hair Tap


Bundles for Tape in Hair Extensions Natural Black Human Hair Tap

Product description

Easyouth tape in hair extensions darkest brown:
12inch: 30g
14-18inch: 40g
20-22inch: 50g
Generally speaking the hair extensions will last at least 6-7 weeks. It depends on use and care.

Bundles for Tape in Hair Extensions Natural Black Human Hair Tap

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