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Portable Transparent Kalimba Professional Instrument Musical Austin Mall for famous

Portable Transparent Kalimba Professional Musical Instrument for


Portable Transparent Kalimba Professional Musical Instrument for

Product description



1. 17‑key Kalimba musical instrument, beautiful appearance and high‑end , with comfortable feel.
2. This Kalimba is easy to learn, easy to carry, and can also be used as home decoration.
3. Kalimba has been tuned and tested, and adopted the international standard C key, the stable sound makes the player feel more stable and enhances the resonance.
4. Easy to use and high safety, this kalimba has compact structure, easy to carry and sweet.
5. This cute fox‑shaped kalimba is made of transparent acrylic material, with exquisite appearance and superb craftsmanship.


Item Type: Kalimba

Optional Color: Transparent, black
Main Material: Acrylic + wood
Key Material: High carbon steel
Standard C Key: The key corresponding to the key is 1(D6)-2(B5)-3(G5)-4(E5)-5(C5)-6(A4)-7(F4)-8(D4)- 9(C4)(Alto)-10(E4)-11(G4)-12(B4)-13(D5)-14(F5)-15(A5)-16(C6)-17(E6)

Package List:

1 x Kalimba

1 x User Manual

Portable Transparent Kalimba Professional Musical Instrument for

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